L'Eremita Nella Notte

Short Movie - Graphic Design and Motion Graphics

Short Movie directed by Rodolfo Lissia

A metaphorical Dantean journey in which Orfeo, young wanderer in a timeless night, reflects upon himself and the modern world that surrounds him. A stream of consciousness of contemporary youth in a Europe dominated by crisis and uncertainties. Long synopsis There are journeys that last for a life, others for some days and other more for just one night. What matters, in fact, it is not the time itself, but the way the journey is lived.

Head Titles


Rombo Production in collaboration with Hundred Dreams Productions

with: Federico Calistri, Noemi Pellicciari, Riccardo Pallone, Antar Marincola, Massimo Scola, Daniele Manicini and Leonardo Bianconi

Art Director: Corrado Zito, Set Designer: Giovanni Stanzani

Character designer: Matteo Nicolò Burani, Costume designer: Silvia Sereni

Boom Operator: Vittorio Marchetti , Sound Designer: Christian Duka

with music from MARMO, Nu, Christian Duka and Marco Maldarella

Graphic Designer: Marco Maldarella

Production Managers: Maddalena Carobon and Ferdinando di Simone

Berlin Unit: Davis Saltalamacchia

Assistant Director: Alberto De Angelis

Director of Photography :Guglielmo Trautvetter

Written by Rodolfo Lissia and Andrea D’Isabella