Visual Id and live visual performances.

A/V Performance event – Spektrum Berlin

Visual Id and two live visual performances in collaboration with Christian Duka and Mario Verandi.

Holistic – Noise Culture

HOLISTIC 3.0 – Noise Culture [Teaser] from Christian Duka on Vimeo.

Music by Christian Duka

Noise Culture is an immersive audiovisual investigation of our present times, through the orchestration of noises heard by the common man and the multicoloured visuals of digital society, it immerses the listening viewer in cultural noises. Imagine flying through our cities, zooming through our flats; Immersed in a whirlpool of scattered noises and blurred visions, what would you think of us?


Yguasu [trailer] – Mario Verandi (visuals by Marco Maldarella) from Marco Maldarella on Vimeo.

Music by Mario Verandi

A live electroacoustic performance with sounds of the Iguazú waterfalls and the subtropical jungle that surrounds them. Field recordings and electronic sounds merge to create a sound journey that moves between the real and the surreal.